Ave Maria  Op. 162 for sopr. solo + SATB choir + strings + organ

Composer:  Franz Paul Lachner (1803-1890), 1873


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Recording:  not available  
A-ve Ma-ri-a,
gra-ti-a ple-na,
Do-mi-nus te-cum,
be-ne-dic-ta in mu-li-e-ri-bus,
in mu-li-e-ri-bus,
et be-ne-dic-tus fruc-tus
ven-tris tu-_ i, Je-_ sus.
San-cta Ma-ri-a, ma-ter De-i,
o-ra pro no-bis pec-_ _ ca-to-ri-bus,
San-cta Ma-ri-a, ma-ter _ De-i,
o-ra pro no-bis pec-_ _ ca-to-ri-bus,
nunc et in ho-ra mor-_ tis _ nos-_ trae.
nunc et in ho-ra mor-tis nos-_ _ _ _ trae.
A-men. A-men. A-men.
Score: Musikabteilung der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek (also available in British Library)

Ave Maria für Sopran solo u. Chor mit Begl. von 2 Violinen, Viola, Violoncello u. Bass oder Orgel oder Harmonium ; op. 162 Leipzig ca. 1870

Author: Lachner, Franz PaulLachner, Franz Paul
Originally published: Leipzig ca. 1870ca. 1870
BSB Shelf Number: 4 Mus.pr. 18378
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00006465-3urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00006465-3
Date digitised: 23.11.2006
Context: Digitised Music Supplies from the Collections of the Bavarian State Library

Full score: Soprano solo part:

A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
Lachner Franz eminent composer and contrapuntist b Rain Upper Bavaria April 2 1803 d Munich Jan 20 1S90 Pupil of his father a poor organist then for 6 years of Eisen hofer the rector of the Gymnasium at Neuburg on Danube in composition Going to Munich he earned his livelihood by teaching and playing in an orchestra also studying under Kapellm Ett In 1822 he proceeded to Vienna became organist of the Protestant church and took further lessons from Stadler Sechter and Weigl
was an intimate friend of Schubert's and was also strongly influenced by intercourse with Beethoven Through Duport's good offices he was app in 1S26 Kapellm at the Karnthnerthor Th remaining there until called in like capacity to Mannheim in 1S34 he also established the Philharm Concerts in Vienna Passing through Munich the production of his D minor symphony procured him the appointment of court Kapellm taking effect at the expiration of his engage ment at Mannheim in 1836 In Munich he assumed a very prominent position as cond of the court opera the court performances of sacred music and from 1852 as General Mus Director he retired on pension in 1868 the growing predominance of Wagnerial tendencies at court being distasteful to him From Munich Univ he received the degree of Dr phil lion causa in 1872 His eight orchestral suites are the happiest inventions of his decidedly original talent in them his gifts for imitative and contrapuntal work in an individual development of the Bach tradition find widest scope He brought out 4 operas Die BOrgsehaft Pesth 182S Munich 1834 Alii ia Munich 1839 Calarina Car naro Munich 1841 and Benvenuto Cellini Munich 1849 music to Lanassa Vienna 1S32 the oratorios Moses and Die vierMense lien alter a Requiem op 146 a solemn mass op 52 2 Stabat Maters other masses motets and Psalms 8 symphonies the appassionata is op 72 concert overtures festival march f brass nonet f wind sextets quintets quartets trios and sonatas f pf and strings serenade f 4 celli elegy f 5 celli 2 harp concertos organ music sonatas fugues etc songs w orch or pf part songs male quartets female trios etc He had two brothers

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