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Ave Maria   Op. 129 contemplation pour le Piano.

Composer: John William Harmston (1822-1881), 1869


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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I have a score of this song I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) I have a MIDI file of this song. X X John William Harmston 1822 1881 1869 Op. 129 Ave Maria NV piano contemplation pour le Piano.
X X X X X John William Harmston 1822 1881     Op. 167 Ich grüße dich NV piano tonstück für pianoforte

Recording:  not available
Lyrics:  none

My thanks and appreciation to
Paul Harmston
for sending me this score and MIDI.

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Internet references, biography information.
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My thanks and appreciation to
Paul Harmston
for making this documentation available
John William Harmston (aka John W Harmston or J W Harmston) is a lesser known English composer of the mid to late 19th century. His major works include two sonatas for cello and piano, Opus 203, Cello Sonata No.1 : for Cello and Piano[22,38,39,40] and Opus 222, Cello Sonata No.2 : for Cello (or Violin) and Piano[22,38,39,40]. His works number in the order of 240, the majority of which fall into the category of drawing room music.

John William Harmston was born in 1822 to William[4,46] and Eleanor Turner Harmston (née Wake) of Lincoln. He was the first born child with three brothers and three sisters. The exact date and place of his birth are unclear. The most likely date of birth is 22 May 1822[51] with a baptism on 21 October 1822[46,51] although dates range from 1821 to 1823[1,12,15,34,35,36]. His birthplace is normally quoted as London[1,12,14,15,34,35,36,19] although no record can be found in parish registers. However, it is more likely that he was born in Lincoln as his parents were married at Eagle, Lincolnshire[4,16] and lived their early life in Lincoln[1,10,25,33]. All his brothers and sisters were born in Lincoln.[1,2,6,7,9,10,29,31,32] In 1841 John William was living with his parents and siblings at Bail Gate, Lincoln[1].

He studied music with Sterndale Bennett[12,34,35,39] before moving in 1848 to Lübeck[11,12,15,34,35,39] ,Germany where he married Johanna Stange,[45,46,51] daughter of Fredrich Bernhard[2,46] and Dorothea Christina Friederica Stange (née Schmidt)[2,48], and had two children, Alma and John William Bernhard[4,46,49,50]. He settled in Lübeck initially as an English teacher then as a photographer[34] before becoming a music teacher[12,15,35,39]. In 1873 he was a teacher living at 309 Holstenstraße, Lübeck[45]. Due to later renumbering in 2009, this address is now 17 Holstenstraße.

By great industry and perseverance he succeeded in teaching himself composition[34] and as a composer he wrote piano music, pieces for violin, cello and songs[12,15,35]. He became an instrumental composer of considerable ability and industry[37]. Many of his pieces enjoyed popularity[37] with his most popular piece being opus 22, the “Song of the Bird”[34]. He was a composer of an immense number of pianoforte pieces[36] which were eagerly sought after by the publishers of North Germany[34] and which were chiefly printed by foreign publishers[36]. Altogether he produced about 240 works, mostly drawing-room pieces[34].

He died in Lübeck[12] on 26th August 1881[15,26,34,35,36,46,47] and is buried in Burgtor-Friedhof cemetery in Lübeck, in plot numbered Grab X 44/2.

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