Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis  

Composer: Randall Giles (1950-2010), s.a.


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I have a score of this song I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) I have a MIDI file of this song. X X   Randall   Giles   1950 2010   1994     Ave Maria, Gracia Dei plena    
X X X X   Randall   Giles   1950 2010         Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis    

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Carol: Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis
New Cranbrook Singers, Grosse Pointe, Michigan

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O lily flower of sweet odour,
In whose chaste bower our saviour
With great honour conceived is:
Ora pro nobis.

Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.
O mother mild, maid undefiled,
That we so wild be not exiled
From thy sweet child and all his:
Ora pro nobis.
Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.
That Christ us send grace to amend
Our time misspent or we hence wend;
And at our end to grant us bliss:
Ora pro nobis.
Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.

James Ryan, c. 1492 - translation of the Latin:
[Sancta Maria,  ora pro nobis - Holy Mary, pray for us]
bower = enclosure, as in a garden
wend = turn back, change direction
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This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA

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Internet references, biography information.
source page
Randall Giles was born in Oregon City Oregon in 1950. His first studies in composition were with Mark DeVoto at Reed College, after which he took his undergraduate degree at the University of York while studying with Sir Peter Maxwell Davies in London. He then taught in the United Kingdom for two years, after which he returned to the United States to further his studies and to teach. Enjoying the enrichment brought by travel, he went to Liberia in West Africa with the United States Peace Corps to help develop a music curriculum based on Liberian indigenous music for the Ministry of Education there. This was followed by a year with the Alaska State Council on the Arts, enthusing about music and recording the music of four small rural villages on an Artists in the Schools residency. After this experience, he returned to the United Kingdom to study with Sir Harrison Birtwistle and headed the music Department at Queen's College, London. He subsequently took his Master's Degree at Northwestern University studying with Alan Stout, after which he taught on the music faculties of Lewis and Clark, Marylhurst and Linfield colleges in Oregon.

In 1991, he traveled to Madras (now Chennai), South India, where he was a visiting Scholar at Saint George's School, while beginning the writing of his Saint John Passion. That work was presented for his dissertation at the University of California, San Diego, from whence Giles received a Doctor of Philosophy in Music degree in 1992. In 1993-1994, he returned to south Asia as a volunteer as a small school in Nepal, and to continue his study of liturgy and inculturation in the churches of South Asia. In 1999, he was invited to serve the Church of South India?s Madras Diocese, to do parish-based work in music, and to work towards the founding of a centre for Indian Christianity and the Arts. He is currently living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, as Director of the Department of Music and Liturgy for the Church of South India?s Madras Diocese, teaching privately, doing voice-overs for the Indian film industry, and is now the Director of the Centre. He enjoys singing, playing the violin and piano and is a very amateur visual artist.

For the Episcopal Church's department of Anglican and Global Relations, he has been involved in a project to record music from various provinces of the Anglican Communion. Titled ?Throughout All the World? the on-going series is exploring little known music from places such as south India where Giles is living, but also from the Church of Melanesia (the Solomon Islands) and from wherever interesting but little known "Anglican" music can be found.

As a composer, Giles has worked in many styles and idioms including chamber and orchestral music, vocal and choral music, and music for the theatre and television. He has received commissions from a wide variety of organizations and individuals both in Europe, North America and Asia (see complete works at the Musical Works page on this site).

On 27 August 2010 in a hospital in Pondicherry, India Randall died of a heart attack after a brief illness. This was a tremendous shock to all of those who knew and loved him. He had just started a new position as the dean of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music where he was well liked by the students and faculty alike. His sudden and unexpected passing is a cause of great sadness to his friends, and will be a great loss to the world of music. An obituary appeared in the 9 September 2010 edition of The Hindu and can be read at this address.

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