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Ave Maria   Op.20

Composer: Mario Giuseppe Genesi (*1963), 1997


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!

(U.K. / Italy)


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I have a score of this song X X X X   Mario   Genesi   1963     1997   Op.20 Ave Maria high voice Organ or chamber ensemble
I have a score of this song X X X X   Mario   Genesi   1963     2006   Op.35 Ave Maria II 2 female voices organ
I have a score of this song X X X X   Mario   Genesi   1963     2011   Op.48 Ave Maria III high voice organ
I have a score of this song X X X X   Mario   Genesi   1963     2012   Op.55 Ave Maria IV medium voice violin + organ

Recording:  not available
MIDI / Lyrics:  not available
Score:   (manuscript copy)

My thanks and appreciation to
composer Mario Genesi
for sending me this score.
This is an unpublished work that has been released by the composer into public domain under creative commons license.

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This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA

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Internet references, biography information.
source page
Mario Genesi : a short biography

Born in London from Italian parents in the Sixties in the same burrough of Spandau Ballet, Mario Genesi returns to Italy in 1973. Here he laureates at the Bologna State University in DAMS (Disciplines of Art ,Music and Showbusiness) guided by famous Italian professors, such as Roberto Leydi and Loris Azzaroni. He specializes in Rome at the "Tor Vergata" University with a "Diploma di Perfezionamento Post-Lauream" in Music.
He also follows a classical practical musical career becoming a vocal singer accompanist but also a church organ soloist.
He has studied with Umberto Finazzi (diploma as a pianist at the Accademia di Torre Molina),Francesco Martini, Frà Callisto Giacomini, Boris Porena,Gerard Grisey.
His instrumental activity is supported by a unique and interesting editorial activity proceeding on a parallel path: many of his newly composed organ music collections are edited in Bergamo by Edizioni Musicali Carrara ,whilst he is active also as an editor of less-known classical music pieces. (.../...)

Mario Genesi is also active as a vocal coach ,a preparer of lyrical soloists to theatrical debuts and as an author of personalized "cadenzas" for solo singers. He has worked with famous singers such as : Fedora Barbieri, Masako Deguci, Umberto Borsò, Emanuela Moreschi,William Matteuzzi,Jean-Paul Imbach, Riccardo Zanellato,Lucetta Bizzi and others.
In 2001 he won the literary "Francesco Battaglia" competition with the book "Giuseppe Verdi and his Piacenza district origins".

From : Mario Genesi, "Anna Moffo :Una Carriera Italo-Americana",Borgonovo Val Tidone(Piacenza), pp, 496, 2002.


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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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