Ave Maria for contralto solo voice + mixed choir, orchestra 

Composer:  Francesco Florimo (1800-1888), 1839


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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X X X X Francisco Florimo     1839   Ave Maria  cA solo + mixed choir orchestra
X X X X Francisco Florimo     1850c   Ave Maria  NV cello

Ave Maria for contralto solo voice + mixed choir, orchestra
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Score:   source: Conservatorio di musica S. Pietro a Majella, Napoli

48 pages


b San Giorgio Morgeto, 12 Oct 1800; d Naples, 18 Dec 1888.
Italian librarian, writer on music and composer. He became archivist-librarian at the Naples Conservatory in 1826, also serving as a singing teacher and writing songs, many in a Neapolitan popular style, and a singing method. He was the devoted advocate and biographer of Bellini and author of the indispensable Cenno storico sulla scuola musicale di Napoli (1869-71).
A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
  Florimo, Francesco highly distinguished musician and musicograph
b. San Giorgio Morgeto, Calabria Oct 12 1800 d. Naples Dec 18 1888
In 1817 he entered the Collegio di Musica at Naples; Furno, Elia, Zingarelli and Tritto were his teachers; and from 1826-51 he was librarian there. He was Bellini's dearest friend; in 1876 he escorted the latter's remains from Pre-la-Chaise, Paris to Catania, and publ the pamphlet 'Trasporto delle ceneri di Bellini a Catania'; he also founded the 'Bellini Prize' a competition open only to Italian composers not over 30.Writings: 'Cenno storicosulla scuola musicale di Napoli' (Naples 1869 71 2 vol s; republ 1880-84 in 4 vol s as 'La scuola musicale di Napoli ei suoi Conscrvatori') a complete musical history of Naples and of its conservatories, their teachers and pupils etc.; also 'Bellini, memorie e lettere' (Florence 1882); 'Riccardo Wagner ed i Wagneristi' (Naples 1876); an 'Album Bellini' (Naples 1886) containing opinions by many eminent musicians on Bellini's works; and a 'Metodo di canto' adopted by the Cons. (F. was also an excellent singing teacher)
Compositions: Cantatas, church music, orchestral works, several books of songs in Neapolitan dialect ,with Italian text added; etc.
Dwight's journal of music, Volumes 19-20 By John Sullivan Dwight - Johnson Reprint Corp., 1861
Mr Bendelari's Concert Mr Augusto Bendelari with his musical club made up from his pupils gave a concert at Mercantile Hall on Saturday evening last for the benefit of the families of the Boston Volunteers. We need not say that such a body of singers drawn from the most cultivated society of the city did not fail to draw a crowded house or to give a most substantial benefit. The programme gave us the names of some fifty ladies and twenty gentlemen who make up Signor Bendelari's club and we should be well pleased to be able to give some fuller account of this very delightful concert. The voices were all very fresh and beautiful and several of the singers showed the highest style of amateur accomplishment and cultivation most creditable to their instructor. The concert closed with a spirited air and chorus composed by Signor Bendelari who like most of our adopted citizens is full of patriotic ardor which found spirited expression in this song Pule Columbia which was admirably sung by Mrs Harwood and full chorus.

This was the programme
PART I 1 Chorus I Lombard Gerusalem Verdi 2 Solo Linda O Luce Donizetti 8 Duet Maria Pacillta 4 Solo Giuramento Manegli Mercadante 6 Solo Tancredl Rossini 6 Duet Bianco e Fallero u 7 Solo Separasione 8 Pezzo Concartato Macbeth Verdi

PART 2 1 Ave Maria Florimo 2 Solo Lucia Regnava Donizetti 3 Duet Giuramento Mercadante 4 Solo Jeanne d Arc Bordesl 6 Quartette Carnevale dl Venezia Petrella 6 Solo Cenerentola Non plu mesta Rossini 7 Rule Columbia B Augusto Mrs Harwood and Chorus A Bendelari

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