Ave Maria Op. 50/1 

Composer:  Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925), 1886


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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X X X I have an audio recording of this song. I have a video of this song. Marco Enrico Bossi 1861 1925 1886 Op. 50-1 Ave Maria      (UCLID CD)
X X X X X Marco Enrico Bossi 1861 1925 1890 Op. 50-2 Ave Maria     (UCLID CD)
X X X I have an audio recording of this song. I have a video of this song. Marco Enrico Bossi 1861 1925 1895 Op. 104/2 Ave Maria NV for organ (CD)
X X X X X Marco Enrico Bossi 1861 1925 1920   Ave Maria (seconda) NV for organ Ave Maria No.2   page

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Bossi- Opere Varie
08_Ave Maria (Bossi, Marco Enrico ) op. 50 [n. 1]

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Ave Maria -
Marco Enrico Bossi (Salò, 25 aprile 1861 Oceano Atlantico, 20 febbraio 1925)
organo Nicomede Agati (1850) della Chiesa di Sant'Anna di Pisa.

Non è esattamente lo strumento più adatto a questo repertorio, ma si accettano commenti sull'esperimento.


A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
Bossi Marco Enrico
b Salo Brescia Italy Apr 25 1861

son and pupil of the organist PietroB of Morbegno b 1834 d Dec 30 1896 He studied 1871 3 in the Liceo Rossini Bologna and 1S73 Si at Milan under Sangalli pf F uma gaili org Campa nari vln Boniforti cpt and Ponchielli and Do mi n ice ti camp From 1SS1 91 m di capf and org at Como cath then unt l 1895 prof of org and harm in the R Cons San Pietro a Majella at Naples and since Jan I 1896 Director of and prof of advanced comp and org in the Liceo Benedetto Marcello Venice lie is also conductor of the Benedetto Marcello Soc of Concerts in Venice member of the permanent government commission for mus art Chevalier of the Ital Crown and Chev of the order of Isabella la Catolica Span Works Paquita I act opera op 10 K Cons Milan 1881 Veggenle i act op seria op 69 Dal Verme Th Milan 1890 L Angelo cUtla notie 4 act melodrama op 52 Como Mossa d Averno cantata f 4 voices pf and harmonium op 87 Tota pulchra f mixed ch and org op 96 Marinaresca f soli ch and orch op 10S symphonic poem II Cieco 1897 f ten solo ch and orch op 112 Messa a S Marco f. 3 equal voices and



org op 61 Westminster Abbey Inno di Gloria f ch and org op 76 perf twice by Riedelvercin Leipzig Requiem Masses op 83 op 90 a great quantity of other church music eg op 12 48 written for Como cathedral all MS overture f orch op I Impromptu f orch op 55 organ concerto op 100 much fine organ music op 3 overture op 49 2 scherzi and an impromptu op 53 Inno Trionfale op 54 Suite Res severa magnum gaudium op 59 4 pes op 60 Sonata 1 in I min op 62 Fede a Bach a fugue op 64 Fantasia op 68 Processional March op 70 6 pes op 71 Sonata No 2 op 72 Marche heroique op 74 3 pes op 78 Etude symphonique op 92 3 pes op 94 2 pes op 100 concerto w orch op 104 5 pes op 113 5 pes a string trio in D min op 107 and other chamber music f vln and pf cello and pf etc pf music 15 opus numbers vocal romante etc up to op 114 1898 His great Metodo di Studio per l Organo moderno written in collaboration with G Tebaldini Milan 1S93 is op 105

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