Abela, Placido - Ave Maria alla Palestrina

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year of composition: 1864

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Composer: Padre Don Placido Abela Cassinese (1814-1876), 1864
Country of origin / activity: Italy
Text author: traditional
Arranger / Editor: N/A 

PDFMIDIMP3VIDFirst nameLast nameBirthDeathcompID #TitleVoicingInstrumentation
1100PlacidoAbela Cassinese181418671864 Ave Maria alla PalestrinaSATBa cappella
1000PlacidoAbela Cassinese181418671864Op.7Sancta MariaCoroorgan
1000PlacidoAbela Cassinese18141867 Op.8Sancta MariaCoro (T, B)organ
1000PlacidoAbela Cassinese18141867 Op.9Sancta MariaCoro (2T, B)organ
1000PlacidoAbela Cassinese18141867 Op.10Sancta MariaCoro (2A, B)organ
1000PlacidoAbela Cassinese181418671871 Sancta Maria2Aorgan
1000PlacidoAbela Cassinese181418671871 Sancta Maria2Aorgan
1000PlacidoAbela Cassinese18141867  Sancta MariaTTBorgan

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Score:  free download, courtesy of: Biblioteca Statale del Monumento Nazionale di Montecassino
Abela - Ave Maria
Abela-palestrinaAbela, Placido *Ave Maria / alla Palestrina / composta dal Padre Don Placido Abela Cassinese / per sua divozione / nell'anno 1864 Autografo 1864 Titolo uniforme: *Ave Maria; Coro(S,A,T,B) Fa parte di: *Musica Religiosa pubblicata nel 1864 / in Napoli da D. Federico Girard {FR0084-07A04 22ab} [MagTeca - ICCU] [Musica manoscritta] [Spoglio] [oai: www.internetculturale.sbn.it/Teca:20:NT0000:FR0084-07A04_22a ]

Problem with transcription at the beginning of the score. :  NWC only permits the use of UT-clefs in 2 positions. I think I "translated" this one correctly.
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A-ve, A-ve, A-ve Ma-ri-a,
A-ve Ma-ri-a, gra-tia ple-na,
Do-mi-nus te-cum, a-_-ve.
Be-ne-dic-_-ta tu
in mu-li-e-_-ri-bus,
Et be-ne-dic-tus
fruc-tus ven-tris tu-i, Je-_-sus.
San-cta Ma-ri-a, ma-ter De-i,
o-ra, o-ra pro no-bis, o _ ra.
o-ra pro no-bis, o-ra.
o-ra pro no-bis pec-ca-to-_ ri-bus.
nunc et in ho-ra mor-tis nos-_ _ trae.
A _ _ _ _ _ _ men. A _ _ _ _ men.
A-_ _ _ _ _ men.

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