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Ave Maria - Editions Labatiaz

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Editions Labatiaz
Case postale 112
CH-1890 St-Maurice

Tél: 0041-024/485.24.80
Fax: 0041-024/485.34.60

These are the Ave Marias I found in this publisher's online catalog. Catalog listing retrieved Sept. 29, 2010.
A few (incomplete) demo-scores are available on the website. Click the PDF icons to view.
highlighted = composer pages in this website, prepared with documentation from this publisher.

Réf Voix Compositeur Titre Voix Pages

These Ave Marias are documented in my website with a score from this publisher.
EMB 2143 mixtes KOLLY Jean-Marie Ave Maria m4* 2
EMB 2605 mixtes DUBUIS Véronique Ave Maria   m4  4

I do not have a score for these Ave Maria. Scores have been requested from the publisher. 
Composer pages will be created/updated when I receive a score.
EMB 1154 mixtes BOVET Joseph (transcription) Ave Maria  m4 1
EMB 2195 hommes BROQUET Louis Ave Maria  h4 3
EMB 2119 égales CHATELAIN Roger Diptyque: No. 1. Ave Maria é3* 9
EMB 2062 mixtes CHATTON Pierre Ave Maria  m4 3
EMB 2422 mixtes CHATTON Pierre Ave Maria  m3 2
EMB 2297 mixtes CRMARIC Ivo Ave Maria m4 2
EMB 2574 femmes DAETWYLER Jean Ave Maria  é3  3
EMB 2590-2   DUCRET André Ave Maria EMB 2590   / 2591 / 2592  m4  2
EMB 181 mixtes LAGGER Oscar Ave Maria  m4 2
EMB 2558 mixtes NANCHEN Dominique Ave Maria  m4  4
EMB 2124 mixtes PARCHET Arthur Ave Maria  m6 8
EMB 512 mixtes PHILLOT Georges Ave Maria  m4 4
EMB 2658 mixtes PITTET Emmanuel Ave Maria     m4  4
EMB 2221 égales RABOUD Marie-Christine Ave Maria   é3  2
EMB 694 mixtes SCARCELLA Jean Ave Maria  m4 6
EMB 348 mixtes TORCHE Charly Ave Maria  m4 2

These Ave Marias are in the Labatiaz catalog, but were already documented through other sources.
EMB 2092 mixtes BRUCKNER Anton (1824-1896) Ave Maria m7 4
EMB 138 mixtes MOZART Ave Maria (KV554)  m4 4
EMB 1154 mixtes VICTORIA Tomas Luis (1540-1611) Ave Maria (tr. Joseph Bovet)  m4 3
EMB 1291 égales MONTEVERDI Claudio Ave Maria  é3 2
EMB 2429 divers GOUNOD Charles Ave Maria (alto-baryton & orgue)  alto/bary 6
EMB 2427 égales GOUNOD Charles Ave Maria (mezzo - soprano & orgue)  é2 6
EMB 2428 divers GOUNOD Charles Ave Maria (soprano - ténor & orgue)  sop/ténor 6
EMB 911 mixtes BOUZIGNAC Guillaume Ave Maria  m4&solo 4
EMB 916.2 mixtes ELGAR Edward (1857-1934) Ave Maria (Trois motets à la Vierge op.2 1887)  m4*  2
EMB 916.O orgue ELGAR Eward (1857-1934) Trois motets à la Vierge op.2 1887  Orgue  13
EMB 916 mixtes ELGAR Eward (1857-1934) Trois motets à la Vierge op.2 1887  m4*  9

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