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Simple farms
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FarmVille farms:
Home, (sunflower meadows) England, Lighthouse Cove, Winter wonderland, haunted Hollow,

These are all simple farms with the same simple land-only lay-out.
Crop plots are limited in Lighthouse cove (430) and Winter wonderland (720).

After Hawaii and Jade Falls with their water plots and special coins, Haunted Hollow returns to land-only and FV-coins, but still has a separate "progress" counter. Expansions above 18x18 remain cash-only in Nov 2012.

Sunflower meadows needs to be purchased for 200 FV-cash or 200,000,000 FV-coins.
Expansions are cash only, so it is completely useless unless you're willing to pay (lotsa) cash.

Home SunflowerMeadows England Lighthouse Cove Winter wonderland Haunted Hollow

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