Zwyssig, Peter Josef - Ave Maria

public domainfor SATB a cappella

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Composer: Peter Josef Zwyssig (1814-1872)
Aliases, aka:
Country of origin / activity: Germany (Bavaria)
Text author: traditional
Arranger / Editor: N/A

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A-ve, A-ve, a-ve Ma-ri-a, a-ve,
 gra-ti-a ple-na, Do-mi-nus te-cum
 be-ne-dic-ta tu, be-ne-dic-ta tu,
 be-ne-dic-ta be-ne-dic-ta tu in mu-li-e-ri-bus,
 et be-ne-dic-tus fruc-tus ven-tris tu-i Je-sus, Je-sus.

 Sanc-ta, Ma-ri-a, Ma-ter De-i
 o-ra pro no-bis, pro no-bis,
 sanc-ta Ma-ri-a Ma-ter De-i,
 o-ra pro no-bis pec-ca-to-ri-bus
 nunc et in ho-ra mor-tis nos-trae,
 mor-tis nos-trae,
 a-men, a-men, a-men, a-men,
 a-ve, a-ve Ma-ri-a, a-ve, a-ve.

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Polyphony Ensemble from South Korea..
It is a male ensemble including counter tenor.
cjs0815 December 10, 2007

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Peter Josef Zwyssig is the younger brother of Johann Josef Maria Zwyssig, (1808-1854) who was later known as P. Alberik (Alberich) Zwyssig and who wrote many Marian songs as well. P. Alberik Zwyssig composed in 1841 'The Swiss Psalm" with lyrics by Leonhard Widmer (1809-1867), now the national anthem of Switzerland.

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