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Ave Maria  

Composer: Matthew F. Weisher (*1991), 2010


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Published on Jan 12, 2013

'Ave Maria' for SATBB choir, divisi

Composed by Matthew Weisher (born 1991)

Video by Eser (Sotto Voce aka civileso)


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The History of the piece:

I wrote this piece when I was a sophomore in college. I remember having this dream where I was sitting in a church listening to a choir sing this beautiful music that I had never heard before. Oddly enough, the conductor turned around to me after the performance and told me to write down what I had heard because it was "my own music."

Waking up from the dream I took to pencil and paper and started writing down what I remembered on manuscript paper. It was the first time that I felt like I really had a reason to compose--like it was a way of getting out music that had been laying dormant inside my head. I started and finished the piece within a few hours and by that afternoon, the piece was already in the hands of the director of the CCSU University Singers, in hopes that it might be performed by the group.

Luckily for me, the director, Dr. Pamela Perry, was visibly as excited as I was and after playing it on the piano a bit in front of me, told me she wanted to take it home and look over it some more. The very next day, she came to me saying that she would be happy to have the group perform it, which was probably one of the most exciting moments of my life--the realization that within a few months I would be a working, performed composer. The blessings didn't stop there, however, as the CCSU University Singers would soon be traveling on a tour of Spain and, as I found out, my piece would be on the program.

Since then, my brain has continued to think up new pieces on a daily basis. Often I begin more than five pieces in a day, with some obviously never seeing light. Still, though, I constantly take the time to look back and remember how I got my true start as a performed American classical composer and I really have no one but Dr. Perry to thank.

I hope you enjoy the piece and will continue to look for new pieces of mine, which will surely be coming in the future. On my own channel "MattWeisherComposer," you will find various selected compositions and I hope you find the time to browse those as well. Thank you for listening.

Matthew Weisher

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