Ave Maria à 4 v. [2 dessus, T, B taille]

Composer: Napoleon Henri Reber (1807-1880), 1833


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians: N-Z
edited by John Denison Champlin, William Foster Apthorp 1893
born at Mühlhausen Alsace Oct 21 1807 died in Paris Nov 24 1880
Dramatic composer pupil of Reicha and Lesueur at the Paris Conservatoire where he became professor of harmony in 1851 and of composition in 1862 succeeding Halevy. In 1853 he was elected member of the Academie and in 1871 appointed inspector of the branch schools of the Conservatoire. He distinguished himself in instrumental composition in the spirit of the German classics.
Operas La nuit de Noel given at the Opera Comique 1848 Lepere Gaillard ib 1852 Les pap illotes de M Benoist ib 1853 Les dames capitaines ib 1857 Le menetrier a la cour comic opera and Naim grand opera not given.
4 symphonies Overture for orchestra; Suite for do; Roland scenes lyriques for do Paris 1875; Quintet for strings; 3 quartets for do; Quartet for pianoforte and strings; 7 trios for do; Pieces for violin and pianoforte; Do for pianoforte 2 and 4 hands;
Chorus of Pirates for three part male chorus and pianoforte; Le soir for four part male chorus and pianoforte; Ave Maria and Agnus Dei for 2 soprani tenor bass and organ .
His Traite d harmonie 1862 counts among the best modern theoretical works 
--  Fetis Mendel Riemann
A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker) G. Schirmer, 1905 - 695 pages
Reber Napoleon Henri b Muhlhausen Alsatia Oct 21 1807 d l aris Nov 24 18S0 Pupil of Reicha and Le Sueur at the Paris Cons became prof of harmony in 1851 succeeded Halevy as prof of comp in 1S62 being succeeded in turn by Saint Saens in 1880 and was also Inspector of the branch conservatories from 1871 Elected to Onslow's chair in the Academie 1853 Works A ballet Le diable amoureux 1840 the comic operas La nuil de Noel 1848 Le pere Gaillard iSs& rs pa pi Holies de M Benoist 1853 and Les dames ca pilaines 1S57 all at the Opera Comique Le mtfne trier a la cour and Nairn grand opera were not perf His instrumental works in the classic German style and spirit are very line they include 4 symphonies an overture a suite and the scenes lyriques Roland f orch 1 string quintet 3 string quartets 1 pf quartet 7 pf trios pieces f violin and pf and pf music for 2 and 4 hands he also wrote an Ave Maria and Agnus Dei f 2 soprani tenor bass and organ Le soir f 4 p male ch and pf Cha ur de pirates f 3 p do w do 33 songs w pf accomp vocalises f sopr or tenor op 16 and a Traite d harmonie 1862 and several later ed s one of the best modern manuals

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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