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Zdravas Maria  

Composer: Josef Nesvera (1841-1914), s.a.
Josef Nešvera


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!

(Czech Republic)


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Recording:  not available
Zdra-vas Ma-ri-a, mi-los-ti pl-na
Pan _ bud s_Te-_ bou. _
Po-zeh-na-na jsi vse-mi me-zi ze-na-mi
A po-zeh-na-ny Plod zi-vo-ta _ tve-ho,
Je-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ zis.
Sva-ta Ma-ri-a,
Mat-ko _ Bo-zi,
o-ro-duj za _ nas _ hri-_ _ sne,
Ni-ni i v_ho-di-nu smr-ti na-si,
A-_ _ _ men.
Score:  (manuscript copy)

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This music is assumed to be under copyright in the USA

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Internet references, biography information.
http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Nešvera (Google translation)
Josef Nešvera ( 24 October 1842 Praskolesy - 12 April 1914 Olomouc ) was a Czech musical composer of church music in particular. He composed many piano and organ compositions. It is also the author of melodramas , compositions for violin , viola or cello , songs for one voice, etc. He was a member of the Roman Academy of Science and Art "Arcadia". In 1912 he became a corresponding member of IV. class of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts. He was awarded the Knights Cross of the Order of Franz Joseph, or záslužního papal cross.

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