Ave Maria   (z filmu Prowokator)

Composer:  Michal Lorenc (*1955), 1995


This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA



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Recording:   not available

This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA MJM Music Poland / Sony Music / Pomaton EMI
A-ve Ma-ri-a, gra-tia ple-na, Do-mi-nus te-cum,
be-ne-dic-ta tu in _ mu-li-e-_-_-ri-bus,
et _ be-ne-di-_-_-_-tus fruc-tus ven-tris tu-i, Je-sus.
Sanc-ta Ma-ri-a,
A-ve Ma-ri-a, Ma-ter De-i,
o-ra pro _ no-_-_-_-bis pec-ca-to-_-ri-_-_-_-bus,
nunc et in _ ho-ra mor-tis no-strae,
Score: trumpet + organ transcription. No lyrics. No publisher info available.
My thanks and appreciation to Lorraine Hiller for sending me a transcription score of the trumpet arrangement.

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This is the arrangement for trumpet and organ
in this video ===>>>>

Even though this is my own transcription of this song, this tune is copyright © 1995 Michal Lorenc - All Rights Reserved.  
As far as I have been able to verify, this score has not been published (but I could be wrong).
I have contacted Michal Lorenc on April 17, 2013. I received an answer April 22, 2013. Mr Lorenc stated he would contact his publisher Amplitude France who owns half the copyright of this song. I await their follow-up.

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Internet references, biography information.
Michal Lorenc is one of the most eminent, contemporary composers of film scores. He was born in 1955 in Warsaw. Since his debut in 1979, he has made music for more than 150 feature films, documentaries, tv-serials and theatre performances. He has worked with best Polish, Czech, British and American film directors. He has been recording with the most renowned Polish orchestras: the Sinfonia Varsovia, the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Warsaw Chamber Opera Orchestra. In 1999, he was awarded the prestigious International Prize for Film and Media Music, for scoring Dorota Kedzierzawska’s film “Nic” (Nothing). He is a member of the European Film Academy, the Czech Film Academy and the Polish Film Academy.

Michal Lorenc's music is very distinctive, thus, easily identified. It thrills the audience with its spiritual profoundness, sincerity and truthfulness. Lorenc combines symphonic music with ethnic, instrumental sounds and he uses two or three very suggestive melodic themes. His harmonic combinations and unique use of stringed instruments, can be quite surprizing.

The most important Lorenc's works are: the nominated for Felix (the European Film Award) soundtrack for “300 mil do nieba” (300 miles from heaven) and nominated for Oscar by 20th Century Fox, soundtrack for Bob Rafaelson’s film “Blood and wine”. In the Czech Republic, Lorenc was given the most prestigious film award - Golden Lions, for “Zabic Sekala” (To kill Sekal). At the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, he won prizes for “Psy” (The Dogs), “Bandyta” (The Bandit), “Prowokator” (The Provocator), and “Przedwiosnie” (The Early Spring). The reading public of a monthly magazine “Film” awarded him another prize – the Golden Duck, for scoring the J.J. Kolski’s film “Daleko od okna” (Away from the window). A famous documentary about the Ghetto in Lodz – “Fotoamator” (the amateur photographer), with Michal Lorenc's music, won many awards, at the most distinguished film festivals, and was nominated for Oscar.

The American magazine “Variety” compared Michal Lorenc to an eminent American composer – Aaron Copland.

Michal Lorenc has also written music for commercials. He composed for BMW, Honda, the Sparkasse Bank and the Deutsche Bank.

2005 : Golden Duck Nomination - "Symetria" (Symmetry)
2002 : Czech Lion Nomination - "Babie lato" (Autumn Spring)
2001 : Polish Feature Film Festival Award in Gdynia - "Przedwiośnie" (The Early Spring)
2001 : Golden Duck - “Daleko od okna” (Away from the window)
2001 : Film Festival "Prowincjonalia" Award - "Daleko od okna" (Away from the window)
1999 : International Prize for Film and Media Music - "Nic" (Nothing)
1998 : Czech Lion Award - "Zabić Sekala" (To kill Sekal)
1998 : Silver Leliwita Statue - Special Award - "Bandyta" (The Bandit)
1998 : Camerimage, Special Award for Music - "Nic" (Nothing)
1997 : Polish Feature Film Festival Award in Gdynia - "Bandyta" (The Bandit)
1995 : Polish Feature Film Festival Award in Gdynia - "Prowokator" (The Provocator)
1992 : Polish Feature Film Festival Award in Gdynia - "Psy" (The Dogs)
1989 : Felix Nomination (The European Film Award) - "300 Mil do Nieba" (300 miles from heaven)
1989 : Youth Artistic Award - "300 mil do nieba" (300 miles from heaven)

Autor biografii : Adam Krysiński

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