Ave Maria

Composer: Bruno Longo (*1936), 2006


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A ve, Ma ri a! gra _ _ ti _ a ple na,
Do mi _ nus _ te cum,
be ne di _ _ cta tu _ in mu _ li e ri bus
et be ne di _ ctus fru ctus ven tris tui, Je sus.
San cta Ma ri a, ma ter De i
o ra pro no bis pec ca to ri bus
nunc et in ho ra, et in ho ra mor _ tis no _ strae _
A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ men! A _ men. A _ men.
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My thanks and appreciation to
Lelio Moscarella, press agent for Bruno Longo,
for sending me this score.

Posted on YouTube:

Internet references, biography information.
sent to me by Lelio Moscarella, press agent for Bruno Longo. Thank you!

C.V. del M° Bruno Longo

Bruno Longo, was born in Naples in 1936.
He has  a natural talent for music especially for the Italian and Neapolitan musical tradition.

His relatives were artist too: he received the musical instructions from his mother Anna, eldest daughter of the eternal poet Edoardo Nicolardi (Author of the classical Neapolitan songs : Voce ‘e notte, Tammurriata nera, Miezo ‘ o grano etc…).
With E. Nicolardi, Anna scored music for many tangos and furthermore was the author of the military march “La zuppa s’è cotta” adopted from the Italian army in order to indicate launch time.

Master Longo loved music for his lifetime, creating and executing classical themes. For about thirty years he served in the chorus “Cantori di Posillipo”, of which he is a founder singing as a tenor.

The musical production of Master Longo is enormous ranging from the arie, to the romances, from the sonatas, to the songs.

We reckon some successes as :


The romances “Ninna nanna” and “Dormi bambino” interpreted and recorded by Satoko (a Japanese soprano), in San Francisco. This record made him famous in the whole territory of the United States. In the States he’s well known as the “most Neapolitan of the last Italian composers”.


The touching piece “Ave Maria” has been executed from the first time by the famous soprano Teresa Romano singing together with the Chorus “I Cantori di Posillipo” to the presence of the Italian Republic President Giorgio Napolitano.


The emotional tune “Napoli, passione e musica” and the sublime “Adagio” for organ.


And last but not least the allegro “Il bocciuolo” that soon became a classic to his listeners.

M° Longo, currently lives in Naples and is working on the arrangement and the execution of some “operettas”.

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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