Ave Maria   Preghiera per voce di tenore

Composer:  Ruggero Leoncavallo (1857-1919), 1905


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Ave Maria for High Voice (E4-A5), Harp (with Optional Harmonium) or Piano. Publ. Charles K. Harris, New York 1906 .


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A-ve Ma-ri-a gra-ti-a ple-na
Do-mi-nus te-cum be-ne-di-cta tu in mu-li-e-ri-bus
et be-ne-di-ctus, be-ne-di-ctus fru-ctus ven-tris tu-i Je-sus.


San-cta Ma-ri-a, Ma-ter De-i
O-ra pro-no-bis no-bis pec-ca-to-ri-bus
Nunc et in ho-ra, in ho-ra
mor-tis in ho-ra mor-tis no-strae.
A-men. A-ve Ma-ri-a.


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Al diletto figlio, l'egregio professore Ruggero Leoncavallo, plaudendo di cuore al santo pensiero accettiamo con la massima soddisfazione la dedica del suo lavoro, e col voto che per la preghiera dei beneficiati il cielo largamente compensi l'opera di carita', le impartiamo con paterno affetto, l'apostolica benedizione.

Score Ruggero Leoncavallo / Ave Maria  (very expensive) 
Score:  free download available at http://imslp.org/wiki/Ave_Maria_(Leoncavallo,_Ruggiero)
Ave Maria - dedicated to Pope Pius X Dedicata al Sommo Pontefice Pio x

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This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA

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A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
  Leoncavallo Ruggiero Italian dramatic composer fine pianist man of letters b Naples Mar 8 1858 He attended the Naples Cons and at 16 made a pianistic tour His first opera Tommaso Chattel ton was a failure at its initial production though very successful when revived in Rome 1896 An enthusiastic admirer of Wagner's works their study and the master's personal encouragement inspired him to write and set to music an historic play the trilogy Crepusculum I Medici II Ge rolatno Savonarola III Cesare Borgia depicting the Italian Renascence Basic historical researches for this work occupied 6 years He then travelled as a concert pianist to earn his living through Egypt Greece Turkey Germany Belgium Holland etc to Paris where he sojourned several years Here an opera Songe d une ntiit il t te1 was privately performed and many songs published His first stage success the 2 act opera seria I Pagliaeci Milan Dal Yerme Th 1892 has also been given in Germany 1S93 as Der Bajazzo Paris London etc it is of the Cavalleria ruslieana blood and thunder variety The first part of the trilogy the 4 act Medici was coolly received at La Scala in Milan 1S93 Then came the successful revival of Tommaso Chatterton Rome Mar 10 1896 and his latest the 4 act opera La Bohhne Venice La Fenice Th 1897 has done well in Italy He has also prod a symphonic poem Serafitus Serafita
International who's who in music and musical gazetteer, Volume 5 edited by César Saerchinger (1918)


LEONCAVALLO Ruggiero Composer b Naples March 8 1858 s of a magistrate stud piano w Slrl then w Slmonettl author of an Encyclopedia del Planlsta entered the Naples Cons and stud piano w B Cesl harmony w M Ruta and composition w Lauro Rossi grad at age of 18 w the diploma of a maestro Began his career as composer with his tragic opera Chatterton after A de Vlgny's drama which was written for Bologna but owing to the desertion of the impresario was not prod while the composer was left penniless was in turn private teacher piano player in cafes and wandertng artist in France England and Egypt started an operatic trilogy Crepusculum text his own the first part of which I Medici was accepted for publication by Ricordl but was not performed until 1893 the 2 other parts Savonarola and Cesare Borgia remaining unflnished owing to the lack of success of the first parti meantime had his Pagllaccl accepted by Sonzogno prod May 21 1892 w great success after failure of I Medici prod Chatterton at Teatro Nazlonale Rome 1896 and La Boheme at the Teatro della Fenice Venice 1897 which suffered by comparison w Puccini's opera then playing in Venice prod other operas largely by virtue of his earlier success writing his own librettos throughout Comp operas Pagllaccl 2 acts Milan 1892 La Boheme 4 acts Venice 1897 Zaza Milan 1900 Dor Roland von Berlin text by himself after Wllhelm Alexis German novel commissioned by Emperor William IT produced Berlin 1904 Mala Rome 1910 Mal bruk Rome 1910 La reginella delle rose Rome 1912 I Zlngarl 1 ondon 1912 and Ave Maria operetta Are you there London 1913 symph poem Seraflta ballet Le vita d una Marionetta songs Wrote the text to Machado's opera Mario Wetter 1898 Address care Rlcordi & Cie Milan Italy

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