Ave Maria for solo voice + piano / SATB choir ad lib, #2 in "Two Songs"

Composer: Charles Arthur Jarman (1882-1968), 1928
organist and choir director at St. Peter's Cathedral - Armidale, NSW


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Dominus tecum,
Benedicta tu in mulieribus
et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus,

Sancta Maria,
Ora pro nobis, nobis peccatoribus.
Ora pro nobis.
Nunc et in hora, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.

Internet references:
 Sydney Morning Herald, 16 January 1925

Dr. C. A. Jarman, the well-known organist and choirmaster, returned to Sydney yesterday by the Hobson's Bay.
About twelve months ago he went to England with a view to having published a number of musical works which he had composed.

In an Interview, Dr. Jarman said that three of his choral works-"Super Flumlna," "In Exltu Israel," and "'De Profundis"-had been accepted and published by Messrs. Novollo and Co., London, as well as a number of songs. Paxton8, Ltd., London, were also publishing other songs and musical works, which he had written.

While In England, Dr. Jarman occupied the position of organist and choirmaster at St. Luke's Church, Norwood, London, for which he was selected from over eighty applicants. When he resigned to return to Australia ho was told that the position would be open to him whenever he desired to return.

As he was about to leave England he was offered
the post of choirmaster and organist at St. Michael's Church, Teignmouth, In South Devon.
Dr. Jarman is a native of Sydney, and some years ago was organist and- choirmaster at St. Clement's Church, Marrickville. He will take up a similar position, at West Maitland.

Sydney Morning Herald, 18 February 1927  

After spending three years In London as recitalist, composer, organist conductor and adjudicator. Dr. Charles A. Jarman returned to Sydney yesterday by the Otranto. For some time he was organist and choirmaster of Holy Trinity, Upper Tooting, a well-known church with n magnificent organ and a fine choir. He gave a number of recitals at St Luke's Church, West Norwood, which attracted large attendances, not only from the neighborhood, but from all parts of London. Immediately before his departure for Australia, he gave a concert in the Glenburnia Hall, the programme of which was made up entirely from his own works. These included a "De Profundis" for choir, composed while aboard ship in the Indian Ocean, and an interesting chorale, "Super Flumina," setting forth the reflections of an aged Jew on the oppression of the captivity. The choir was drawn from the churches of Holy Trinity, Upper Tooting, and St. Luke's, West Norwood. Dr. Jarman also conducted two choral societies in London, at one of which some music by the Sydney City Organist (Mr. Ernest Truman) created a most favorable impression. Novellos have published a number of Dr Jarman's choral works. His "Album of Four Songs" has also had some success in London. Dr. Jarman is an enthusiastic follower of Bach and Wagner. He has returned to Australia In order to take up the appointment of organist and choirmaster at St. Peter's Church, Neutral Bay.


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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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