Ave Maria

Composer:  Nathalie Janotha (1856-1932), 1899


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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So far, no scores or recordings available.

X X X X X Natalie Janotha 1856-1932 1899? Ave Maria ... pour Choeur et Solo. (Op. 5.).  (BL)
X X X X X Natalie   Janotha 1856-1932 1899   Ave Maria. Op. 13. No. 1 ... For voice, organ, violin & harp.   (BL)
X X X X X Natalie   Janotha 1856-1932 1899   Ave Maria. Op. 13. No. 2, in B flat for voice & piano.   (BL)
X X X X X Natalie   Janotha 1856-1932 1899   Ave Maria. Op. 13. No. 3, in A flat for voice & piano.   (BL)

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International who's who in music and musical gazetteer, Volume 5 edited by César Saerchinger (1918)


JANOTHA Maria Cecilia Natalie Pianist b Czestochawa near Warsaw June 8 1856 d of a piano teacher at the Warsaw Conservatory ed privately first stud w her father then w Rudorff in Berlin also w Joachim Bargiel Franz Weber Brahms and w Clara Schumann in Frankfort Debut at a Gewandhaus concert in Leipzig 1874 toured In Germany and England also In the US established an international reputation as pianist Royal Prussian court pianist 1885 played before Queen Victoria and received Jubilee Medal hon mem Cecilia Academy Comp piano pieces also an Ave Maria dedicated to Leo XIII and other vocal music Address London England
A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker) G. Schirmer, 1905 - 695 pages
  Janotha Nathalie pianist b Warsaw Pupil of Joachimand Rudorffat the lierlin Iloch schule later of Clara Schumann Brahms and Princess Czartoryska also in harm of F Weber in Cologne and Bargiel in Berlin Debut as pianist at the Gewandhaus Leipzig Jan 1 1874 She is court pianist to the German Emperor 1S85 and is decorated with many high orders
Compositions Ave Maria (inscribed to Pope Leo) Mountain Scenes to Frau Schumann gavottes mazurkas and other pf music
Who's who, Volume 1954
  JANOTHA, Maria Cecilia Natalie, Court pianists to H.I.M. the German Emperor, King ot Prussia. Ediu:: private tutors. Studied music under Professor Rudorff, Drs. Joachim, Bargiel, Franz Weber, Brahms, and Madame Schumann ; received Diamond Jubilee Medal; Victoria Badge from Her Majesty Queen Victoria ; highest honorary diploma from St. Cecilia Royal Academy in Rome; member of Academies of Art in Italy, England, Austria; great gold medal, Wagner Festival, in Berlin, 1003; also Order of Merit for Art and Science from T.M. the King and Queen, etc., 1004; travelled much in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, America, Russia, and Poland (related to the last King). Publications: Ave Maria for solo and choir, and for soprano solo; Gavottes, Mazurkas ; Mountain Scenes, for Piano ; edited Lady Tennyson's songs, and some unpublished MS8. of Chopin, translated Chopin's Greater Works; and Chopin : as revealed from extracts of his diary. Recreations: visiting the chapel of our Blessed Lady at Czestoehowa ; playing the organ, reading great works, mountain»ieriiig, taking care of White Heather (the black cat). Address: 10 Grafton Street, W. Club: Green Park.
NY Times 1918

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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