Ave Maria

Composer:  Salomon Jadassohn  (1831-1902), 1886


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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This score is available in the sheet music collection at the of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, OH.
For photocopies or more information about the collection, contact Nan Card, Curator of Manuscripts (ncard
email merbhayes.org).

A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
  Jadassohn Salomon noted comp and influential teacher b Breslau Aug 13 1831 Pupil of the Breslau gymnasium also taking lessons of Hesse pf Ltlst ner vln and Bro sig harm entered Leipzig Cons in 1848 went next year to Liszt at Weimar and then studied comp privately under Ilauptmann at Leipzig settling there as a music teacher in 1S52 In 1S66 he became cond of the Psalterion choral soc was from 1867 9 Kapellm of the Euterpe since 1871 prof of harm cpt comp and instrumentation at the Cons dividing with Reinecke the honors of first place as a theoretical instructor in that institution His rather conservative though not illiberal method of teaching is expounded in a Harmonielehre Leipzig 1SS3 and 3 later ed s Engl ed New York 1893 2nd revised ed 1894 Kontrapunkt 1S84 Kanonund Fuge 1884 Die l ormen in den Werken der Tonkunst 1889 Lchrbuch der Instrumentation 1889 Engl translations of all these have also appeared at Leipzig Allgemeine Musiklehre 1892 Elementar Harmonielehre 1895 His mastery of form is finely illustrated in his compositions in canon form notably the vocal duets op 9 36 38 43 a pf serenade op S a serenade f orch op 35 ballet music for pf 4 hands op 58 which have earned him the sobriquet of the musical Krupp all his compositions are marked by
  finish of style and thematic verve and brilliancy Among the most important of his more than 130 works are 4 symphonies 4 serenades 2 overtures f orch a pf concerto op 89 3 pf quintets op 70 76 126 a pf quartet op 77 4 pf trios op 16 20 59 85 2 string quartets a serenade f string orch and flute a cavatina f vln w orch Theiooth Psalm f double ch alto solo and orch Vergebung f sop solo ch and orch Verheissung f do Trost lied f do w organ ad lib An den Sturm wind f male ch w orch Gott ist gross f male ch w 2 horns and 3 trombones motets f male mixed and female chorus numerous pf pieces songs etc

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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