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Ave Maria  No. 4 in Op. 5 "12 études de salon" 

Composer:  Adolf von Henselt (1814-1889), 1838


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Henselt: Études Opus 2 & Opus 5 - Piers Lane

tr17_17. Études de salon (12), for piano,
Op. 5: Suite 1. No. 4 in E major 'Ave Maria'. Andante

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Published on Apr 15, 2012 by PianoBlond
Etude No 4 in E major "Ave Maria" from the Douze Etudes de salon Op. 5 (1838)

Henselt's Protestantism did not preclude his gentle incursions into the fringes of the Catholic Church. The seraphic peace, after the fury of the 'Hexentanz', is achieved in No 4 ('Ave Maria') by a flowing four-part chorale, artfully spaced. Henselt would no doubt have played without using the sustaining pedal. The descending augmented sixths towards the end are characteristic of Henselt's idiom. It is quite likely that the study was suggested by No 71 and others of Cramer's set of 84 studies. (Weak echoes, originating in Cramer or Henselt, or both, exist in certain studies by Theodore Döhler, 1814--1856.)

Piers Lane (piano)
Nicknamed the "Northern Chopin" by Schumann, Adolf von Henselt (1814-1889) was a stellar 19th-century piano virtuoso and composer once as famous as Chopin. In his early virtuoso career, he was respected by many of the early Romantics, and his two sets of etudes received ebullient praise from Schumann, who said they were some of the best piano music being written in the 1830s.
In 1838, Henselt moved to St. Petersburg and was one of the first great pedagogues to teach music in Russia before any conservatories existed. His presence and his compositions arguably established the foundation of the Russian piano school and influenced many Russian composers from Balakirev to Rachmaninov.
Henselt's performing career had a short lifespan. He was notoriously shy and suffered from severe stage fright that eventually terminated his ability to perform in concert. Although his earliest compositions, namely the two sets of etudes and the monumental Piano Concerto in F minor were successful, he composed a relatively small output compared to other pianist-composers of the time. Out of his 45 published works, the two sets of etudes (Op. 2 and 5) must rank as the greatest of their kind, sitting comfortably alongside Chopin's, Liszt's, and Alkan's.

A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
Henselt Adolf von distinguished pianist and comp b Schwabach Bavaria May 12 1814 d Warmbrunn Silesia Oct 10 18S9 First st pf and harm with Geheimrathin von Fladt at Munich In 1831 an allowance from King Ludwig I enabled him to continue pf study with Hummel at Weimar whence he went to Vienna and learned theory for 2 years under Sechter Assiduous study and practice injured his health and in 1836 he was ordered to Carlsbad In 1837 he made a short tour through Germany and aroused the greatest enthusiasm Me married atlireslau the same year and went to St Petersburg in 1838 Me was appointed chamber pianist to the Kmpress and mus teacher to the princes Later he was app inspector of mus instruction of the Imperial educational institutions for girls and received the Order of Vladimir Mis playing was of the most poetically inspired character and highly individualized his technical specialty being the legato execution of widely extended

chords and arpeggios for the practice of which he composed extremclydifficult extension studies His principal works are The celebrated F min pf concerto Etudes op 2 and op 13 Poeme d Amour op 3 Fruhlingslied op 15 Impromptu op 17 Ballade op 31 Paraphrases de Concert 39 works with opus no and 15 without a pf trio a 2nd pf part to a selection from J Ii Cramer's Etudes etc A very sympathetic character sketch is that by von Lenz in Diegrossen Pf VirtuosenunsrerZeit Engl ed NY 1899

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