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Ave Maria

Composer: Ray Heffernan (s.a.), s.a.


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Published on Apr 26, 2012 by RayHeff

With 9 weeks to go until the official release of "New Dress Woven", this week's episode is an insight into the evolution of one of the songs, "La Mia Ave Maria", through it's first exhibition in Ameno in June 2011, via Macugnaga in August, all the way to the recording process with the "Muscia e Ludus" choir in Gallarate in October. This series endeavours to give a visual idea of how the record was put together. How this new dress was woven, if you will.

The subject matter is delicate, and indeed provocatory. For a long time, and for reasons unknown, Lucia of Fatima was kept silent by the Catholic church and ordered not to give any interviews to any outside media. She was even absent from the ceremony in 2000 when her third secret was revealed.
From the violence and torture of the Artane Industrial school and the Magdalene asylums to the horrible disclosures of the Ferns' report, Ireland's catholic institutions hold a long and shameful history in their dubious child caring methods, which is only compounded by it's ongoing efforts to hide the truth.
I'm trying to draw a comparison between the two, and although I know some people will take offence from the lyrical content, nothing is more offensive, or indeed further from God, than the habitual and continued abuse of a helpless child who was placed in your care.


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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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