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Ave Maria

Composer: Jacques Francois Fromental Elie Halevy (1799-1862), 1857
Jacques-François-Fromental-Élie Halévy


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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A ve Ma ri a Gra ti a ple na,
Do mi nus te cum,
Do mi nus te cum,
be _ ne dic _ ta _ tu _ in mu li e ri bus
et be ne dic tus
fruc-tus ven tris tui,
Je _ _ _ sus, Je-sus, Je-sus, Je-sus.
Sanc ta Ma ri a, Ma _ ter De i,
o ra pro no bis, o ra pro no bis,
pec ca to ri bus pec ca to ri bus
nunc et in ho ra mor _ tis nos trae,
nunc et in ho ra,
nunc et in ho ra mor tis nos trae.
A men.
Sanc ta Ma ri a Ma _ ter _ De i,
o ra pro no bis, A men A--men A men
Score:  free download available on http://imslp.org/wiki/Ave_Maria_(Halévy,_Fromental)

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This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA

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Halevy, Jacques Francois Fromental Elie gifted dramatic composer
b Paris May 27 1799 d Nice March 17 1862

His parents were Jews. At ten he entered the Paris Cons as an elementary pupil of Cazot In iSiohe studied piano with Lambert in 181 1 harmony with Ber ton and counterpoint for five years with Cherubini At seventeen he was allowed to compete for the Prix de Rome he won it in 1819 with his cantata Herminie He had previously composed an opera Les Bohemiennes never perf published a pf sonata for 4 hands and set to music the 130th Psalm in Hebrew the De Pro fundis During his three years stay in Italy he made great progress writing another opera etc In 1822 on his return to Paris he made vain attempts to get his grand opera Pygmalion and Les deux pavilions comic produced It was not until 1827 that he brought out a one act comic opera I Artisan at the Th Feydeau though with little success The same year he succeeded Daussoigne as prof of harmony and accomp at the Cons following Fetis as prof of cpt and fugue in 1833 and taking a class of advanced composition in 1840 In 1827 he was engaged as cembalist at the Italian
Opera In 182S with Rifaut he composed Le Koi ct le Bdtelier in honor of Charles X In 1829 Clari with Malibran as prima donna w as a success at the Th Italien Le dilettante d Avignon was produced the same year and in 1830 the grand ballet A f anon Leseaut II was now app ehef de chant at the Opera a post retained during 16 years In 1831 La latigue musieale was prod at the Op Com La tenta tion 1832 ballet opera with Gide at the Opera Les Souvenirs de Lafleur 1832 and the same year a completion of Ilerold's unfinished Ludovic which proved very successful In 1835 La Julie grand opera in 5 acts H s masterpiece was prod at the Opera on Feb 23 and soon obtained great vogue throughout Europe Six months later appeared l clair a sparkling comic opera To add to his growing reputation H was created Chevalier of the Legion of Honor On the death of Reicha 1836 H succeeded him as one of the three musical members of the Academie and in 1854 was appointed secretary for life With La Juive H attained not only the zenith of his powers but also of his triumphs In 1836 the blazing apparition of Les Huguenots paled the milder fires of the French composer and Meyerbeer became the idol of the hour La Juive was followed by Guide et Ginevra 1838 Les Treize 1839 I Le Drapier 1840 La Peine de Chyfre a brilliant success and Lc Guitarero 1841 Charles VI 1843 Le Lazzarone 1844 Les rnousquetaires de la reine 1846 He collaborated with Adam Auber and Carafa in Les premiers pas for the inauguration of the National Opera 1847 Le Val d Andorre was given in 1848 adapted for the English stage in London 1850 La Pee aux roses in 1849 La Dame de pique 1850 In 1850 II conducted in London an Italian opera La Tempesta Le Juif errant was produced in 1852 Le Nabab 1853 Jaguarila 1855 Inconsolable under nom de plume Albert 1855 Valentine d Aubigny 1856 and La Magicienne 1857 II was more inclined to aim at a high ideal than to please the popular taste His music possesses true emotional and dramatic power and is melodious but combined with so many details and refinements of harmony and instrumentation that it could not be appreciated by the general public though he held a high rank among artists Besides his operas he wrote a pf sonata for 4 hands romances nocturnes part songs for male voices scenes from Prometheus Unbound 1 849 the cantatas Les plages du AW and Italic 1859 an ef ne almost finished scores of two operas Vanina d Ornano completed by Bizet and Le D luge In the Paris schools his Lecons de lecture musicale was adopted as the text book for singing. Souvenirs et portraits 1861 and Derniers souvenirs et portraits 1863 were collections of the funeral orations that as Secretary of the Academie he had delivered at the obsequies of deceased members Short biographies of H were
published by his brother Leon 1862 E Mon nais 1863 and A Pougin 1865

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