Ave Maria trio for 2 sopranos and contralto

Composer: William Howard Glover (1819-1875), 1875


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Recording: not available  
Lyrics: 1875 edition   Score:

The sun's last rays are feeb-ly shi-ning,
A-ve Ma-ri-a!
The day is de-cli-ning,
Thro' the night till Ma-tin chime,
Shield from dan-ger, save from crime.

A-ve Ma-ri-a! A-ve Ma-ri-a!
A-ve Ma-ri-a! ex-au-di nos!
Thro' the night till Ma-tin chime,
Shield from dan-ger, save from crime.

In dar-kest hours be Thou our light;-_-
A-ve Ma-ri-a!_-_
We trust in Thy might;
While the night-lamp dim-ly burns.
Guard us till the morn re-turns.
A-ve Ma-ri-a! A-ve Ma-ri-a!

Google Book references:


Mr. Howard Glover's Concert.
Mr. Howard Glover annually provides one of the most attractive miscellaneous concerts of the season —engaging the best artiste available, foreign and native, introducing great variety into his programme, and rendering the performance long enough to satisfy the most ravenous musical appetite. To give some idea of the array of talent Mr. Glover brought together on Monday night, at St. Martin's Hall, wo need only mention, that among the vocalists, were Mad. Clara Novello,  .../...
This section of the programme concluded with a vocal selection from the works of Mr. Howard Glover, comprising miscellaneous songs, and concerted pieces taken from bis operas of Attila and Aminta, sung by Mad. Clara Novello, Misses Dolby, Messent, Bleaden, Mr. and Mrs. Weiss, Mr. Sims Reeves, Herr Reichart, and Herr Formes, as principals, with all the lady vocalists in the chorus. The selection commenced with songs, airs, romances, etc., written to some of the exquisite lyrics of Shelley. Mr. Howard Glover evidently understands the great poet, whose burning thoughts he has thus endeavored to illustrate by music j but his compositions, not being written in the ad captandvm style, are exclusively addressed in the present instance to the more refiued and cultivated taste of real connoisseurs. .../... A well-written quartet, and a remarkably effective sestet, both from the opera of Aminta, completed the selection, which was highly creditable to Mr. Howard Glover's talent as a composer, and was listened to throughout with undiminished interest. Mr. Glover himself played the accompaniments on the pianoforte.

Of the second and third parts of this real " monster" concert, wo are unable to say more than that the instrumental features were the EUgie of Ernst, performed by himself on the violin, and a fantasia of Thaiberg, by Miss Arabella Goddard, with both of which the audience were delighted; that a new nautical song, " Ready! aye ready,"* written by Mr. Charles Jefferys, and composed by Mr. Howard Glover—a kind of patriotic apostrophe to the hero of St. Jean d'Acre—was sung with fervid enthusiasm by Mr. Sims Reeves, and vociferously encored ; and that all the catalogue of singers set down by Mr. Glover in his programme, appeared in succession, and sung some of their most popular morceaux in their best manner. To describe these in detail would take up a whole page of the Mutical World, and, as we have singled out all the novelties, we abandon the task as unnecessary. It was past midnight before the concert came to an end. St. Martin's Hall was crowded to suffocation, and the audience was one of the right sort, enjoying everything, and applauding the best performances.
A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
   Glover William Howard born London June 6 1819 d New York Oct 28 1875 Violinist pupil of Wagstaff later a member of English Opera orch After artistic tours in Italy Germany and France he founded a school for music and drama in London also sang in opera In 1868 he settled in NV Works Grand opera Kuy Bias London Cov Garden 1861 the operettas The Coquette 1845 Aminta i& c Once too often 1862 Palomila the cantata Tarn ff Shanter 1855 orch 1 overt Manfred 12 romances f pf and other pf pcs vocal quartets duets and songs G was for some years critic for the Morning Post

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