Ave Maria  for 3 high voices

Composer: François Auguste Gevaert (1828-1908), 1854


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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A ve Ma ri a gra ti a ple na,
Do mi nus te _ _ cum
A ve Ma ri a gra ti a ple na
Do mi nus te _ _ cum,
be ne di cta tu in mu li e ri bus.
Et be ne di _ ctus fruc _ tus
ven _ tris tu i Je sus Je sus.
San cta Ma ri a. Ma _ ter De i
o _ _ ra _ pro no _ bis,
pro no _ bis
pec _ ca to _ ri bus,
nunc et in ho ra mor tis no strae,
in ho ra mor tis no _ _ _ strae.
A _ _ men. A-ve Ma-ri-a.

My thanks and appreciation to
Xulio Mosquera - Arquivo Coral
for sending me this score

A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
Gevaert, François Auguste eminent Belgian comp and musical scientist
b Huysse n Oudenarde July 31 1828
Pupil of Sommère pf and Mengal comp at Ghent Cons 1841 7 taking the Gr prix de Rome for composition from 1843 he was also org at the Jesuit church He produced 2 operas in 1848 with some success lived in Paris for a year 1849 50 where he was commissioned to write an opera for the Th Lyrique and then a year in Spain his Fantasia sobremotivosespafioles winning him the order of Isabella la Catolica he also wrote a Rapport surla situation de la mu sique en Espagnc Brussels 1851 After a short visit to Italy and Germany he returned to Ghent in 1852 and up to 1S61 brought out 9 operas in quick succession In 1857 his festival cantata De nationale verjaerdag won him the Order of Leopold In 1867 he was app chef de chant at the Grand Opera Paris in 1870 the German investment caused him to return home and since 1871 he has been Director of the Brussels Cons succeeding Fetis
The operas Hugues de Somerghem and La comédie a la tille (Ghent 1848); Georgette ou le moulin de Fonteney, (Paris Th Lyr 1852);
Le billet de Marguerite
(Paris 1854)
Les lavandieres de Santarem
(Paris 1855);
Quentin Durward
(Paris Op Com 1858);
Le diable au moulin
(P. 1859)
Chateau Trompette
(P 1860);
La poularde de Caux
(P. 1861)
Les deux amours
(Baden-Baden 1861)
Le capitaine Henriot
(Paris 1864) Pertinax (1884)
also the cantatas Retour de I'armée, Jacques van Artevelde, and Le depart (f 3 part chorus) a Missa pro defunctis and Super flumina Babylonis (both f male ch and orch) overture Flandre au lion ballads Philipp van Artevelde etc
songs many in the coll Nederlandsche Zangstukken

Other works

Leerboek van den Gregoriaenschen Zang
Traité d'instrumentation 1863 revised and enlarged as "Nouveau traité de I'instrum." 1885 German transl by Riemann 1887 the best work of its kind yet publ of its 2nd part Orchestration the first half was issued in 1890
Les origines du chant liturgique de l eglise latine (1890 German transl by Riemann throws new light on the Gregory tradition)
Les gloires d ltalie songs from operas etc of 16th and 17th century comp s with pf accom 1868
Chansons du XV siecle
1875 Vademecum de l organiste;
La Mélopée antique dans l eglise latine
(Gand 1895 pp 400 a monumental work)

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