Ave Maria  a5vv. SATTB

Composer:  Richard Dering (1580c-1630), 1617


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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CD: Motets by Philips & Dering


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A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
  Deering or Dering Richard
b in Kent towards end of 16th century d London in 1630
Educated in Italy publ the oldest known compositions with basso continuo Canti ones sacrae quinque vocum cum basso continuo ad organum Antwerp 1597 2nd book 1617 3rd 1619 Mus Bac Oxon in 1610 Organist at the convent of English nuns at Brussels in 1617 court org to Queen Henrietta Maria in 1625 Also publ Cantica sacra ad melodi am madrigalium elaborata senis vocibus Antwerp 161S Cantica sacra ad duas et tres voces composita cum basso continuo ad organum London 1662

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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