Ave Maria  for tenor or soprano voice + piano

Composer:  Charles Henshaw Dana (1846-1883), 1877


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Lyrics: 1877 edition  Score

A ve Ma-ri a gra-ti-a ple-na
A-ve Ma-ri-a

Do-mi-nus te-cum gra-ti-a ple-na
Do-mi-nus te-cum gra-ti-a ple-na
Do-mi-nus te-cum

Be-ne-dic-ta Be-ne-dic ta
Be-ne-dic-ta tu in mu-li-e-ri-bus
Be-ne-dic-ta tu in mu-li-e-ri-bus
Be-ne-dic-ta tu in mu-li-e-ri-bus
Be-ne-dic-ta tu in mu-li-e-ri-bus
in mu-li-e-ri-bus

et be-ne-dic-tus et be-ne-dic-tus,
et be-ne-dic-tus fruc-tus ven-tris tu-i
et be-ne-dic-tus fruc-tus ven-tris tu-i
Je-sus Je-sus

Sanc-ta Ma-ri-a, Ma-ter De-i,
O-ra pro no-bis pec-ca-to-ri-bus
nunc et in ho-ra, in ho-ra mor-tis nos-tra

Sanc ta Ma ri a, O-ra pro no-bis
A-men, A-men.

Cyclopedia of music & musicians, Volume 1
John Denison Champlin, William Foster Apthorp - Scribner, 1893
DANA CHARLES HENSHAW bom of American parentage in West Newton Massachusetts Feb 7 1846 died in Worcester Feb 5 1883
As a boy he studied under George Kingsley in Northampton and afterward under Albert S and Benjamin D Allen in Worcester; when fifteen he was organist in a local church and he was then for a time a pupil of Otto Diesel in Boston.
In 1869 he went to Europe and studied the pianoforte and harmony in Leipsig under Papperitz and in Stuttgart four years with Lebert Speidel and Krüger with the last of whom he made his first public appearance as a pianist in Stuttgart. He afterwards studied a winter under Laborde in Paris. 
In 1875 he returned to America and appeared as pianist with success at the annual session of the Worcester County Musical Association The seven remaining years of his life were passed in teaching composing and conducting during this time he was organist and choirmaster of St Paul's R C Church in Worcester and also of the Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception in Boston

Among his compositions which consist mostly of songs and church choir music are the following: Marguerite 1867 Like a strain of wondrous music 1870 Te Deum in D 1873 Among the Lilies 1875, O Salutaris E flat 1876, Salve Regina No 1 1876, No 2 1879, The Summer Wind quartet 1877, Ave Maria 1877, O Salutaris 1878, The Lilies clustered fair and tall 1881, Veni Creator 1882, Edenland 1883.

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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