Ave Maria  

Composer: Giuseppe Cappotto (*1965), 2006


This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA



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Score:  can be obtained from composer coralecittacuneoemail melibero.it

My thanks and appreciation to
composer Giuseppe Cappotto
for sending me this score

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This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA

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Internet references, biography information.
sent to me by the composer:

GIUSEPPE CAPPOTTO, born in 1965, appreciated performer and musical educator, has very well obtained the Diploma in Piano at “G. Verdi” Turin Conservatory in 1986; he has then continued the studies obtaining the Diploma in Music Teaching and in Choral Music, both “summa cum laude”.
Winner of Prize “Renzo Ridolfo 1988” and of Absolute First Prize at the International Competition “BOTTEGA ‘91” of the Comunal Teathre of Treviso (Italy), has worked as deputy conductor in opera in many italian teathres, even with conductors such as Massimo De Bernart, Richard Bonynge and Peter Maag.
He also won the First Prize at International Contest “Rovere d’Oro” di San Bartolomeo al Mare (Italy) in 1993 and at “Luigi Nono” Contest of Venaria Reale (Italy) in september ‘97.
At concert-activity, that bringed him to play with important chamber groups even in Lugano, London, Athene and Berlin, he has soon alternated a very important teaching activity at secondary and higher schools, and in many choral groups.
He has specialized in choral conducting following courses and seminars with Sebastian Korn, Voicu Popescu, Kurt Suttner, Peter Erdei, Gary Graden and Giovanni Acciai.
Very active as composer and arranger of choral music, has published with Armenio editor “Little Mass for children voices”; in 1998 won the Second Prize (First not assigned) for Choral Composition at Contest “Voices for poetry” in Tortona (Italy) and last year riceived a prize in First Choral Elaboration Contest “Alberto Favara” organized by Sicily Choral Association. He also won some First Prizes in Choral Composition Contests such as “Bettinelli” Contest and “Un Canto per il Coro di Micene” Contest in Mailand,
Two his choral elaborations are marked at Sixth National Choral Elaboration and Composition Contest organized by the Choral Association of Piedmont, but these years most important Prizes certainly are “New Music Award” at First and Fourth International Choral Composition Contest “C. A. Seghizzi” of Gorizia.
He is Piano teacher at Higher Music School of Cuneo (Italy).

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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