Ave Maria

Composer: Sir William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875), s.a.

 This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not! 


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A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
Bennett, Sir William Sterndale distinguished English comp
b Sheffield Apr 13 1816 d London Feb I 1875
His father an organist died when B was but 3 years old and he was educated by his grandfather John B a lay clerk at Cambridge At 8 he entered the choir of King's College Chapel and at 10 the RAM pupil of Ch Lucas Dr Crotch C Potter and V II Holmes where he played in 1833 an original pf concerto in I min publ later by the Academy In 1S37 the Broad woods sent him to Leipzig for one year a visit repeated 1S41 2 he was intimate with Schumann and Mendelssohn and the influence of both particularly the latter is reflected in some of his compositions From 1S43 56 he gave a series of chamber concerts in England married Mary Anne Wood in 1S44 founded the Bach Society in 1S49 conducted the concerts of the Philharmonic Society 1S56 66 and the Leeds Mus Festival in 1S5S In 1S5O too he received the title of Mus Doc from Cambridge after his election to the chair of Musical Professor there In 1866 he was chosen Principal of the RAM then resigning the conductorship of the Philharmonic The additional degree of MA was conferred on him by Cambridge in 1867 that of DCL by Oxford in 1870 and in 1871 he was knighted The subscription fund of the Bennett testimonial presented him at St James Hall 1S72 was converted by the recipient into a scholarship at the RAM He is buried in Westminster Abbey Sterndale Bennett ranks high among Knglish composers of genuine originality Himself a pianist of rare ability he favors the piano above all and his finest productions are so to speak inspired by its peculiarities The tale of his works is scanty but in polish refinement and careful elaboration they vie with the best in musical art Works Op 1 1st pf concerto in D min 1S32 op 2 Capriccio f pf in D op 3 overture l arisina f orch 1834 5 op 4 2nd pf concerto Ft op 8 sestet f pf and strings op 9 3rd pf concerto in C min 1834 op 10 3 Mus Sketches f pf op 11 1 Studies f pf op 12 3 Impromptus f pf up 13 Sonata f pf op 14 3 Romances f pf op 15 overture The Naiads f orch op 16 Fantasia f pf 1842 op 17 3 Diversions f pf 4 hands op 18 Allegro grazioso f pf op 19 4th pf concerto in F min 1836 49 op 20 overture The Wood nymph f orch op 22 Caprice in F f pf and orch op 23 6 songs w pf op 24 Suite de pieces f pf 1843 op 25 Rondo piacevole f pf op 26 pf trio 1844 op 27 Scherzo f pf op 28 Rondino f pf op 29 2 Studies f pf op 30 4 sacred duets op 31 Tema e varia zioni f pf op 32 Sonata f pf and cello IS52 op 33 60 Preludes and lessons f pf op 34 Rondo f pf op 35 6 songs w pf op 36 Flowers of the month op 37 Rondo a la polonaise f pf op 3S Toccata f pf op 39 The May Queen a Pastoral cantata by Chorley f soli ch and orch Leeds 1858 op 40 Ode by Tennyson op 41 Cambridge Installation Ode 1862 op 42 Fantaisie Overture Paradise and the Peri f orch 1863 op 43 symphony in G minor op 44 oratorio The Woman of Samaria Birmingham 1867 op 45 music to Sophocles Ajax op 46 pf sonata The Maid of Orleans Also overtures The Merry Wives of Windsor and Marie du Bois a pf quintet w wind pf music part songs songs and coll s of chants

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