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Ave Maria (Angiol di Pace)

Composer:  Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835), s.a.

The music of this composer is public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!


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Ave Maria (Angiol di Pace)  
Score / MIDI / Lyrics:  not available Recording:  not available

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Duettissimo!, i. e. Ann-Margreth Nyberg, soprano, and Glenn Bengtsson, barytenor, sing Ave Maria (Angiol di Pace) by Vincenzo Bellini, originally a duet for two sopranos, at a Summernight Concert in the Church of Vinslöv outside Kristianstad, Sweden, on August 13th 2009, with pianist Joachim Olsson.


Brano tratto da 'Ave, Maria!' , parte della rassegna Lode in musica per Santa Maria del Fonte in Caravaggio.

Interpreti del concerto:

Denia Mazzola Gavazzeni, soprano
Rossella Redoglio, soprano
Magdalena Aparta, soprano
Giovanni Brollo, pianoforte

foto: Luis Condrò per Ab Harmoniae Onlus


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Posted on YouTube: (video in 3 parts)
Imma Iovine, Soprano, mentre esegue l'Ave Maria di Bellini durante la Diretta nazionale della Messa Domenicale trasmessa su Rete4 il 18/01/2009.


A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)
G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages

Bellini Vincenzo famous opera composer
b Catania Sicily Nov 3 1801 d Puteaux n Paris Sept 23 1835
Taught at lirst by his father an organist he was sent in 1819 at the expense of a nobleman impressed by the boy's talent to the Conservatorio di San Sebastiano at Naples Here his instruction from the masters Fumo Tritto and Zingarelli was carried on until 1S27 with the slovenly lack of method then prevailing in the institution B probably profited far more by his private and zealous study of Haydn and Mozart Jommelliand Paisiello and above all Pergolesi His student compositions were a romance an aria a symphony for full orch two masses several psalms and a cantata Ismene finally his first opera Adelson e Salvini was perf by Cons pupils on Jan 12 1825 and its success encouraged him to further dramatic effort Barbaja manager of the San Carlo Th Naples and La Scala Milan commissioned B to write an opera and Bianca e Fernando was enthusiastically received at the former theatre in 1826 followed in 1827 by Pirata and in 1829 by La Slraniera both in Milan It is interesting to note that the librettist of Pirata Felice Ro mani wrote the books of all the succeeding operas except Puritani B met his first reverse at Parma for the inauguration of the Teatro Nuovo in which town he wrote to order the opera Xaira 1829 which was a Hat failure Undismayed he accepted a fresh order from La Fen ice Theatre at Venice for which he composed in forty days the opera Capuleti e Atontccchi 1S30 which was hailed as a masterwork After a severe illness he brought out la Son nambula at the Teatro Carcano Milan 1831 with this work and Norma which was given at La Scala on Dec 26 1831 B rose to the height of his powers and the zenith of his fame yet Norma which B himself considered his greatest work and in which Giudit Pasta created the title role was coldly received that first evening But in brief space its beauties were recognized and the warmth of its reception in other cities notably in Paris 1835 amply justified its author's verdict His Beatrice di Tenda Venice 1S33 shows a distinct falling off and failed of popular appreciation In 1S34 he was invited to write an opera for the Theatre Italien at Paris this was Puritani libretto by Count Pepoli its triumphant production was the composer's last great success for although commissioned immediately to write two more operas for the San Carlo Th he died at the village of Puteaux whither he had retired to work on the new scores Forty years later his remains were removed to Catania where a monument was erected to his memory another monument due to the exertions of his bosom friend Francesco Florimo was dedicated at Naples in 1SS6 Bellini's genius is exhibited in the grace tenderness pathos and fervor of his melodies fashioned with a consummate knowledge of vocal resource and effect On the other hand his scores show tile worst defects of the old Italian school monotony in harmony and amateurish instrumentation for these his imperfect training is doubtless largely responsible In his best moments he surpasses his brilliant contemporary Rossini in the grace and sensuous warmth and charm of his melodies in other respects he is the latter's inferior Biographies by Florimo in vol iii of the Seuola musicale di Xapoli F Cicconetti Vita di V 1 Prato 1859 Michele Scherillo Belliniana Milan 18S5 new notes L Salvioli Bellini Lettere ine ditc Milan 1S85 Arthur Pougin Bellini sa vie ses reuvres Paris 1868

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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