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Ave Maria   No.1 in "Maria Mater, quattro mottetti"

Composer: Roberto Beccaceci (*1958), 2010


This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA



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This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA

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Internet references, biography information.

Roberto Beccaceci was born in Ancona (Italy) on August 30th, 1958.
As a young boy he takes piano lessons in the local Musical Institute, showing a precocious aptitude for composition.
Shortly after he is awarded a diploma for Choral music and Chorus conducting at the G. Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro.
Meanwhile he has written his first compositions, some of which show a particular interest for microtonal scales, and lead to a series of works which are played in many Italian and foreign cities. In Bucharest, Luxemburg and Stuttgart they are played over the radio.

1984 / ‘86: he attends, under Fernando Sulpizi, a specialized course in composition for which he writes the Concerto da camera for six percussionists, played in various Italian towns, at the La Fenice theatre in Venice and recorded on CD by Artis Records of Milan.
1986: Cadenza - for solo clarinet - is one of the chosen compositions for the European Musical ‘900 Prize, given for the best interpretation of a piece never performed before.
1987 / ’90: he attends, under Sylvano Bussotti, a specialized course in Composition and Analysis of musical theatre at the Music School in Fiesole (Florence) and the Alti Studi in Genazzano (Rome).
1989: he is awarded for Melikè - for soprano and clarinet quartet - 1st prize at the International Competition of Chamber Music organized by the “Accademia di Teatro e Musica G. Briccialdi” in Terni and gets a mention of merit at the International Premio Valentino Bucchi Composition Competition of Rome.
1990: Dune - for double mixed chapel choir - receives a mention of merit at the International Guido d’Arezzo Composition Competition of Arezzo.
1993: Variazioni sopra un “frammento” di Leonardo - for flute quartet - is one of the chosen compositions for the Belveglio National Composition Competition and the International Spectri Sonori Composition Contest, organized by the Music Department of the Tulane University in New Orleans.
1994: Agenda Musical Editions in Bologna publishes a monographic essay on his work attended by the musicologist Marco Maria Tosolini.
1995: the same publishing house edits the compact disc recording of La Leggenda del Vecchio Marinaio, a musical poem for eight instruments and five performers based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel T. Coleridge. In 1997 the same work gets a mention of merit at the European International IBLA Grand Prize Competition for Composers of New York. He is awarded for Selanna - for soprano and orchestra - 1st prize at the International Gino Contilli Composition Competition, organized by the "Accademia Filarmonica" in Messina. He gets an order by the “Accademia dei Leggieri” in San Gimignano (Siena) for a composition inspired to the local history and culture, performed in a monographic concert.
1996: the International Music Museum in London admits him among the musicians who have distinguished themselves in the music profession.
1997: Guido Miano Publisher in Milan publishes, within a collection titled Languages of contemporary music, a monographic essay on his work attended by the musicologist Renzo Cresti.
1998: the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge (England), the American Biographical Institute and Pagano Publisher in Naples include his biography in the 13th edition of International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, the 7th edition of Five Hundred Leaders of Influence and the 1st edition of Enciclopedia Italiana dei Compositori Contemporanei, respectively.
1999: he gets a mention of merit at the IBLA Grand Prize of New York for Il tramonto della luna, a musical poem for piano four hands and ad libitum reciting voice and for Canto d’agosto, a melologue for reciting voice, clarinet and string quartet.
2000: he is awarded for Suite in Mi - for flute and guitar - 1st prize at the International Paolo Barsacchi Composition Competition for Guitar, organized by the “Centro Chitarristico Toscano”. He is awarded for “Spiritual” Suite - for solo piano - 2nd prize (1st prize not awarded) at the International Città di Pietra Ligure Music Competition. He gets an order by the “Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia” in Rome for a composition for choir and orchestra to perform during the Christmas concert of that year.
2002: the Head of the State awards him the sign of honour of Cavaliere dell’Ordine “Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana”.
2004: he is awarded for Mikrokosmos Variations - for solo piano - 2nd prize at the International Prof. Ivan Spassov Composer’s Competition, organized by the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and the Union of Bulgarian Composers.
2005: the Italian Association of Culture and Sport, with the collaboration of the Marches Polytechnic University and under the patronage of the European Parliament, awards him the National Beniamino Gigli Prize.
2006: Whoo-whoo blues - for solo piano - receives a mention of merit at the National Composition Competition for Piano of Savona.
2008: he is awarded for Flores - for small orchestra - 4th prize ex aequo at the International Ottorino Respighi Composition Competition, organized by the National “Confartigianato” Association in Rome.

His music is performed in numerous festivals as the Valentiniano Festival in Terni, the Todi Festival, the International Week of Contemporary Music in Bucharest, the International Review of Composers in Belgrade, the Nuovi Spazi Musicali Festival in Rome, the Europa Cantat Festival; into Institutions as the Association of the Ukrainian Composers in Kiev, the New York University, the Southern California University in Los Angeles, the F. Liszt Academy in Budapest, various Italian Institutes of Culture and broadcasted by RAI, Vatican Radio and several foreign broadcasting corporations.
He has also written a treatise titled: I modi alterni: appunti per una classificazione teorica (The alternate modes: notes for a theoretic classification), published by Agenda.
Some of his works have been published by Bérben (Ancona), Edipan (Rome), Agenda (Bologna), Suvini Zerboni (Milan), TauKay (Udine) and FLORESTANO (Bari).
Since 1997 he is teaching Fundamentals of Composition at the Musical Didactics Department of the N. Rota Conservatory in Monopoli (Bari); since 2008 he is holding a course in Composition and Transcription at the Two-year High School for Primary School Choir Conductors, founded by the Apulian Choirs Regional Association, with the co-operation of the Ministry of Education.


Roberto Beccaceci
Via Vinicio Rossi n. 6; 60127 Ancona - Italy / T.Fax: +39-071-44260
e-mail: hainesh@tin.it / robertobeccaceci@alice.it

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