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Ave Maria for 6 part chorus strings harp and organ

Composer: Enrico Barraja (1885- 1935)

This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!  (Italy, USA)


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International who's who in music and musical gazetteer, Volume 5 edited by César Saerchinger (1918)
  BARRAJA, Enrico Composer and teacher of singing
b Naples Italy Oct 24 1885
s Nicolo and Luisa Frauenfelder B grad comp at Naples Cons 1908 stud piano w Prof Alfonso Raimondi harmony counterpoint and fugue w Paolo Serrao composition w Camlllo de Nardls voice w Filippo Campa nella unmarried Asst cond and chorus master Bellini Opera House Naples 1909 10 asst Instructor in the Raimondi School of Pianoforte and the Campanella School of Vocal Art Naples 1910 1 first public appearance in the US at the Qulney Mass Women's Club as pianist composer in 1911 gave concerts In New England States and New York toured as accompanist for singers teaches privately In Boston Comp Suite for string orchestra suite for small orchestra; Ave Maria for 6 part chorus strings harp and organ; funeral march for full orchestra, grand opera in 3 acts over 60 songs and ballads, over 50 pieces for piano, violin and piano, and other instruments (mostly MS) some songs pub by Carl Fischer New York Address 23 Dalton St Boston Mass
1920 Grove's dictionary of music and musicians: being the sixth volume of the ... By Waldo Selden Pratt, Charles Newell B
  Barraja Enrico b Italy 1885 has been pianist and teacher in Boston since 1911 He has written an opera two chamber suites many songs and short instrumental pieces.
University of Oregon  
'Tis only you, Barraja, Enrico , (1935)  

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