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Ave Maria

Composer: Alvez Barkoskie IV (*1986), 2010


This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA



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Recording:  not available
MIDI / Lyrics:  not available
Score:  not available - contact composer to obtain score and permission to perform: taurus86_ivemail meyahoo.com

My thanks and appreciation to
composer Alvez Brakoskie IV
for sending me this demo 1st page of his score

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Published on Aug 19, 2012 by

Masters Composition Recital 4/9/11
Music by Alvez Barkoskie IV © 2010, 2011.

Claire Daniels, Bona Kim, Emily Mathis and Ashley Tapia, sopranos
Lainey Brown, Clarissa Grayson, Emma Lacenski and Namanda Musoke, altos
Aldin Dollins, Dean Leake, Victor Rosales and Greg Street, tenors
Glenn Hunter and Glenn Pruitt, baritones
Aaron Garcia and Phillip Bernard, basses
Joshua Shank, conductor

Based on the plainchant, Ave Maria was written last April and May at UT Austin. Not only is the opening of the piece based melodically on the chant, but it is also harmonically influenced by it. The opening sonority of the piece is built on each consecutive note of the plainchant incipit first introduced by the tenor. When the piece is not based on the chant itself it is based on the inversion (or mirroring) of sections of the chant. The piece seeks to capture the sacredness and transcendental result of the prayer that is recited over 50 times while praying the Holy Rosary to the Blessed Mother Mary.

Internet references, biography information.
My first contacts with a younger Alvez Barkoskie IV
were re. his MIDI arrangement of "As I kneel before you (Ave Maria)" by Maria Parkinson

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