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Ave Maria

Composer: Mercedes Bahleda & Ferenz Kallos (s.a.), 2008

Ferenz Kallos

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CD: Mercy songs - Mercedes Bahleda

CD: Mercy songs - Mercedes Bahleda
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AVE MARIA - Mercedes Bahleda and Ferenz Kallos
from M Laurens on Vimeo.

Internet references, biography information.
Mercedes Bahleda
Mercedes is a yogini and artist originally from New York City. Born and raised Roman Catholic, Mercedes was taken under the care of Dominican Sisters at the age of fourteen when she entered Mount Saint Mary’s Convent Academy for Girls. Under their care, she was inspired to study voice, perform in chamber choir, and was introduced to silent retreat, chanting and various forms of Christian meditation.

Now a Buddhist, Mercedes has traveled extensively in the last ten years to research both Eastern and Western forms of meditation, classical music, and philosophy at the great monasteries and schools of Ladakh and India. A professional singer from New York City, she is now dedicated to helping others to radically transform their hearts and minds through wisdom and meditation. Mercedes is a certified yoga instructor in the Hatha/Ashtanga system of Yoga and has completed seven teacher trainings in Tibetan Heart Yoga Asanas and eight teacher trainings in the Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika scriptures. She incorporates her love of music, story telling and ten years of Buddhist studies with Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally into her fun packed classes.

An honors graduate of New York University, she has served on the teaching staff at New York University and currently leads classes in Devotional Music, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Tibetan Language and Meditation at Diamond Mountain University. Mercedes is also the director of Star in the East meditation group.
Ferenz Kallos
Ferenz Kallos was born in Paris on October 23rd to a family of painters. He built his first bamboo flute at the age of 5, at which time he began taking violin lessons from his father and guitar lessons from his mother. On his seventh birthday, Ferenz’s father gave him records of Mozart and Beethoven symphonies & piano concertos, which Ferenz listened to for days and years.

Ferenz studied and created music his entire childhood and adolescent years, and went on to provide original music for the soundtracks of several films, as well as commercials, fashion shows and theater plays.

Ferenz has also worked with many great artists such as the Gypsy Kings, providing musical arrangements, compositions, production and strings to their albums. He often performs live in New York City. He has played the violin at the Living Room, the Lincoln Center, and accompanied artists such as Krishna Das in various venues.

Ferenz has had a big influence in the growing scene of Spiritual World music. For example, his music graces the double DVD of yoga master Shri Dharma Mittra. Ferenz also produced, composed and arranged music for the album of world-renowned Buddhist teachers, Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. When Ferenz joined forces with artist and yogini Mercedes Bahleda, their album, Mercy Songs, was signed to White Swan Records. Ferenz also worked with international yoga instructor and author, Reema Datta, whose albums have been signed to Nettwerk/Nutone Records.

Ferenz Kallos is also a painter, photographer and practitioner of Buddhism. He is eternally grateful to his parents and to his teachers, Venerable Thupten Puntsok, Lama Christie McNally, Geshe Michael Roach, and Shri Dharma Mittra.


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