Angelkovich, Michael - Ave Maria

copyrightedfor SATB, rev. piano

year of composition / 1st publication: 1999, rev. 2009

Michael Angelkovich (*1983)

Composer: Michael Angelkovich (*1983)
aliases, aka: Mihajlo Anđelković or Михајло Анђелковић (Transcribed Mihajlo Andjelkovic and Michael Angelkovich)
Country of origin / activity: Serbia
Text author: N/A
Arranger / Editor: N/A

This is a piano reduction from a (lost) formerly SATB work.

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Angelkovich-Ave Maria
My thanks and appreciation to
composer Michael Angelkovich
for sending me the score of the revised work.

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An excerpt from my choral work, played on virtual organs) The work has been written during August and September 1999. HylingNorr November 12, 2009
Additional comment from the composer:
 This is a [instrumental] revision / recuperation of a 1999 choral work that was lost because of HDD failure.

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