Ahlberg, Rolf Wilhelm  - Ave Maria

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year of composition / 1st publication: s.a.

Composer: Rolf Wilhelm Ahlberg (*1941)

Composer: Rolf Wilhelm Ahlberg  (*1941)
aliases, aka: Rolf Wilhem ”Kalle” Ahlberg, M.D.
Country of origin / activity: Finland
website: http://gkkweb.awardspace.com/docs/en/news.shtml
Text author: traditional
Arranger / Editor: N/A

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Kalle Ahlberg,
Musical Conductor

Rolf Wilhem ”Kalle” Ahlberg, M.D. (b.1941) and Director Cantus, has enriched the musical life in Finland for a long time. He has proved himself a versatile choir leaderfor many of the most loved choirs in the country, i.e. Svenska Sångare, Muntra Musikanter, Notknackarna and especially Kauniaisten kamarikuoro. His compositions and arrangements have been offered to an appreciative and broad audience in the form of concerts and record. Through his activity in many of the different organizations promoting music in Finland Rolf Wilhelm Ahlberg has generously offered his versatility and knowledge of church music as well as popular compositions.

During his long-standing leadership for Kauniaisten kamarikuoro (since 1975) Rolf W. Ahlberg has documented himself as a significant interpreter of Finnish music and a messenger of the international language of music to large audiences in Finland. International tours have taken Finnish choir music to international stages.

By profession Rolf W. Ahlberg is a company physician with Fortum Corporation. He has been a specialist in vocational medicine since 1980 and started his career as a physician in industry after having joined a position as medical doctor at Neste`s production facilities in Porvoo in 1970.

Rolf W. Ahlberg has also studied church music at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Through his performance for amateur choir music he has proven that a demanding civilian profession can well be combined with a strong cultural interest and lead to creative artistic activity in the course of every day life.

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