mushroom base


Real mushrooms, real mushroom flavor.

This is a lot better than canned cream of mushroom soup, and cheaper as well if you stock up while the fresh mushrooms are on sale. It doesn’t take that much more time to prepare 10 pounds than just 1, and the mushroom base freezes well for later use.

Here in the Deming, NM food desert, it's just about impossible to get WHITE button mushrooms. By the time they arrive at the store, they are severely bruised and brown in those bruises. I considered myself so lucky when I found some mostly white ones that I bought 10 lbs of them to make this mushroom base.

Unlike the white button mushrooms aka Champignon de Paris, Baby Portobello mushrooms  should be washed.  Baby Portobellos have a stronger flavor and make a darker broth.

Regardless what kind of mushrooms are used, cooking will turn even the whitest mushrooms brown. To get the white color back, add cream.


This is what you need for 6 quarts:

  • 10 lb. white button mushrooms
  • S&P
Pic1: pureed mushroom base


These creamed ( = pureed) mushrooms is the base that you can use as starter for many mushroom recipes.




Pic2: champignons de Paris
Pic3: sliced
Pic4: stewed



Pic5: strain
Pic6: ready for storage
Pic7: partially blended


Pic8: fully blended
Pic9: for the freezer
Pic10: pickled mushrooms