Witaj, Mario (Glory to you, Mary)  

Composer: anonymous / Polish traditional
English text: Sr. Mary Evelyn Rybicki, CSSF


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Recording:  not available
Lo-v'ly La-dy, we sa-lute you,
We cry to you, Ma-_ ry,
Ba-nished chil-dren, we now call you,
Hear our sighs o Ma-ry,
We _ greet you, Ma-ry dear, You are our _ brigh-test hope,
We_ greet you, o sweet Ma-ry, Glo-ry to you, ho-nor,
We wel-come you, o Ma-ry, o dear Mo-ther, _ wel-_ come,
We_ greet you, o sweet Ma-ry, Glo-ry to you, ho-nor.


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